None of Us is Alone

from by Travis Knapp

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written in Ithaca, NY

featuring spoken poetry by David Domes


None of us is alone, none of us is alone, none of us is alone

I'll give you four beats to recall the song
Of every good friend who has come along
And every good lover who has done you wrong, I know

I'll give you four days to return to bliss
I bet you never thought it would come to this
Your mama never told you you would have to miss them all

Winter feels longer every single year
The song of those birds that you long to hear
Is never gonna come 'til you shed some tears, leave some

Every cycle, every breath
Every life is bound for death
Every challenge is not a test, find freedom

None of us is alone, none of us is alone, none of us is alone

Not a single one of us is going through
A separate kind of a life, that would never do
Every single soul is connected to the rest

Reach your hands out to the side
Feel your heart beating, remember you're alive
All of us breathing under one big sky, so blessed

When you're down or feeling free
We're here for you, you're here for We
Let it all go, bow and receive assistance

I want everyone to be here and I wonder why
It's a big old planet but it's not too wide
Bodies far apart, but souls aren't strung by distance

When I was eight years old
My Grandmother died
But I can still hear her voice telling me,
"You never know how hard
Life has been for someone,
So always be kind to them."

Like this my Grandmother lives with me,
And like this I'm never alone.

The thousand faces of people I have known
Imprinted into my being
Like stars into the night sky.
I hear a banjo and
My brother is beside me singing;
A science-fiction book puts me
Into my boyhood best friends' bedroom;
A red apron reminds me of
The first time my heart was broken.

I was 20 years old, and the pain was real
I sat beside a lake and cried
But I wasn't alone because
That's part of being alive.
See, Love feels the same to you as it does to me,
And Pain feels the same to me as it does to you -
It's what connects us as human beings.

So on a cold night
When there's a man on a street corner
Who life's been hard to,
My Grandmother's kindness comes to me,
And with my hands,
She buys him a hot cup of coffee
For a cold night on a city street,
The stars shining somewhere brightly above us

In sacred remembrance that
Even though life can sometimes be hard,
None of us is alone.

None of us is alone, none of us is alone, none of us is alone


from For Everything That's Good, released October 1, 2014
Words and music by Travis Knapp
Spoken poetry written and performed by David Domes
All other vocal and instrumental performances by Travis Knapp

Recorded and pre-mixed by Travis Knapp at Body Mind Studio in Danby, NY
Mixed and mastered by Nate Silas Richardson at REP Studio in Ithaca, NY (



all rights reserved


Travis Knapp Ithaca, New York

"Hopeful soul-lifting acoustic folk music rooted in pop, jazz, soul, and gospel - piano/banjo/guitar/vocals; from the fields, forests, ponds, and meadows of Ithaca, NY."

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