Wintery Mix 2017

by Travis Knapp

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10th Annual Wintery Mix Cover Album!!

1. “Peace Train” - Cat Stevens
2. “Love Itself” - Leonard Cohen
3. “I Will Wait” - Mumford & Songs
4. “Democracy” - Travis Knapp
5. “Grassroots Medley” - Richie Stearns, Sim Redmond Band, Laila Belle, Samite, Keith Secola, John Brown's Body, Horseflies, Rockwood Ferry, Blind Spots, Telekinetic Walrus, Thousands of One, Gunpoets, Donna the Buffalo
6. “Candy” - Paolo Nutini
7. “House at Poor Corner” - Loggins & Messina
8. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” - Hank Williams
9. “Out of My Head” - Fastball
10. “Mary, Don’t You Weep” - Spiritual
11. “You Are the Best Thing” - Ray Lamontagne
12. “Lightning Crashes” - Live
13. “On Eagles’ Wings” - Michael Joncas
14. “The Muse” - Wood Brothers
15. “Blowin’ in the Wind” - Bob Dylan


released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Travis Knapp Ithaca, New York

"Hopeful soul-lifting acoustic folk music rooted in pop, jazz, soul, and gospel - piano/banjo/guitar/vocals; from the fields, forests, ponds, and meadows of Ithaca, NY."

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Track Name: Democracy - [Travis Knapp]
Show me what democracy looks like -
This is what democracy looks like!

We gather here with voices raised
So we can go back home today
To raise our food and families
And live our lives in peace


When someone truly speaks for you
You'd better speak for them
When someone truly represents you
You'd best represent


Health care, living wage,
Education, climate change
One person, one vote
If you support the troops, bring them home


When you hurt, I hurt
When I hurt, you hurt
When your children hurt, I hurt too
We're all in this together

Gay, straight, woman, man,
Black, white, brown, tan,
Immigrant or native child,
We're all in this together

Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian,
Sufi, Muslim, or no religion,
One Truth, Many Paths
We're all in this together


Look at your hands, put them right out in front of you now
If there's a way, these hands are the ones that know how
Every shovel you lift, every tree you plant,
Every choice you make - will this improve the land?

We're only tenants here, in this body, on this earth
Given just one job, a mandate from birth
Gratitude for every creature doing its part
And gratitude above us that we get to do ours

It's our birthright, foresight, holding tight to what we know is right
We just might reignite the firelight to keep up the fight
For ancient forests and riversides, mountain tops where peace resides
Hope unites but fear divides, love this life, open up your eyes

As long as the sun does rise
We walk here side by side
No idea is too big, no action too small
And these hands, your hands, our hands can hold it all

One voice
Echoed back
Becomes stronger
And stronger

When the people speak, the truth is heard
When the truth is heard, the people move
When the people move, we can't be stopped
We're all in this together